What is Aphrodisiac (Sexual product) ?

Aphrodisiac is a sexual product that arouses or increases sexual pleasure and improve sexual performance when consumed. We have varieties of aphrodisiac products such as magnetic eggs, wetness rock, bonding balls, orgasm, sweetener cock to help you in your sex life. Each product has it specific functionality to help you in your sex life. We listen to our customers and provide them with the best product for a good drive in their marriages and relationships.

Naughti Girls is an Aphrodisiac company that sells sexual products to help females especially, in their sex life. As in most cases, sex plays a vital role in marital relationships, it is always advisable to enhance your sex life or solve issues hindering your sex life. That is why Naughti Girls is in for your sexual wellness.

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Features of our Aphrodisiac (sexual product)

  • Purely made of herb extracts
  • No side effects
  • Easy to apply & consume
  • Sexual solution & Immune system booster
  • Ability to take away bad smell from Vagina
  • Ensures easily flow of blood and stamina
  • Enhance sexual performance over time
  • Urges sexual pleasure
  • Enhances fertility among women
  • Prevent menstural cramps and abdominal pain
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    We Sell The List of Aphrodisiac Products

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    Magnetic-eggs - aphrodisiac product

    Magnetic Eggs

    Magnetic Egg is a mighty sweetener that contains candy and urges you into having a great sex desire and make your pussy splashing wet đź’¦.

    Wetness Rock - aphrodisiac product

    Wetness Rock

    thighner - aphrodisiac product

    Libido Boosters & Tightener

    This product functions uniquely, it works in less than two (2) minutes. It is 100% from herbal extracts and It stimulates the vagina to enhance sex. It prevent white vaginal discharge, relieves you from itching, pain from yeast infections and avoids vaginal odor. It is inserted and can be used severally.

    bonding-balls - aphrodisiac product

    Bonding Balls

    sweetener-cock - aphrodisiac product

    Sweetener Cock

    orgasm - aphrodisiac product


    vjay-perfume - aphrodisiac product

    Vjay Perfume

    tightener-salt - aphrodisiac product

    Tightener Salt

    indian-tightener - aphrodisiac product

    Indian Tightener

    wetner- aphrodisiac product


    wetness and-sweetness-honey - aphrodisiac product

    Wetness & Sweetness Honey

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